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NCIS: Caitlin “Kate” Todd versus Ziva David

Posted by MAaP on February 25, 2009

NCIS is on its sixth season yet the show continues to give us surprises and good laughs. Like most TV crime shows, the main cast of the series would include at least one female in a team of investigators (perhaps to offer a woman’s point of view of particular crimes and also to engage the male audience). In NCIS, Sasha Alexander as Kate Todd and Cote de Pablo as Ziva David have filled in this position.

Ziva David and Kate Todd

Ziva David and Kate Todd

Ziva David is one of the exciting characters in the series that has contributed an extra dose of charm to the show. Kate Todd also gave a witty and flexible mix to the series. Yet who was more engaging of the two? Who made the show more fun and addicting?

Caitlin “Kate” Todd

Caitlin "Kate" Todd

Caitlin "Kate" Todd

The first episode of the series marked Caitlin “Kate” Todd‘s entrance to Gibb’s team in NCIS. Her flexible and resourcefulness was highlighted and carried on throughout the two seasons she was in on the show.

As the show went, Kate proved to be one of the assets of the show, and the team. She developed great rapport with the other characters and gave out a cool and solid appeal to female investigators. Her “entanglement” with the main male casts also became an entertainment for the viewers. Her relationship with Jethro Gibbs was viewed as respectful as well as a little flirtatious. Her quirks with Tony Dinozzo was seen as a “sibling” squabble. And her interesting “bond” with terrorist Ari Haswari created a dangerous atmosphere to which most viewers became attracted to.

Kate Todd was murdered at the end of season 2, as Sasha Alexander asked to be written off the show. Her death caused some confusion and mild outrage among the audience, as she was one of the main characters of the show and has given justice to the her role.

Ziva David

Ziva David

Ziva David

Replacing Kate Todd on the team, Ziva David‘s entrance raised some eyebrows but glued everyone to how she would turn out in the series. And I have to say, she turned out to be an amazing addition.

A Mossad agent, fast-thinking and trained to kill, her character appeared to be calculating and sharp. She adapted well to the pace, and has become a trusted member of the team, as well as earning a thumbs up from the viewers. She was also equipped with a sense of humor and smug confidence that allowed her to balance well with Tony’s and Timothy McGee‘s jokes and taunts. Through her rough upbringing as a Mossad agent, she is undoubtedly the strongest in the team when it comes to combat.

Cote de Pablo is still on the show, and Ziva David has been modeled as a round character as each season passes. As the show becomes more involving and striking to the characters’ personal lives, Ziva’s character has also been brought out more and more.

ziva21kate21My Verdict:

I go for Cote de Pablo and her character as Ziva David. She delivers more humor and more wit into the show. And with Kate Todd only appearing in two seasons, and Ziva currently in four, Ziva has had more time to captivate the audience and be more recognized. Plus the fact that she can kick some serious butt, she has got to be more interesting than Kate Todd.


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