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NCIS: Caitlin “Kate” Todd versus Ziva David

Posted by MAaP on February 25, 2009

NCIS is on its sixth season yet the show continues to give us surprises and good laughs. Like most TV crime shows, the main cast of the series would include at least one female in a team of investigators (perhaps to offer a woman’s point of view of particular crimes and also to engage the male audience). In NCIS, Sasha Alexander as Kate Todd and Cote de Pablo as Ziva David have filled in this position.

Ziva David and Kate Todd

Ziva David and Kate Todd

Ziva David is one of the exciting characters in the series that has contributed an extra dose of charm to the show. Kate Todd also gave a witty and flexible mix to the series. Yet who was more engaging of the two? Who made the show more fun and addicting?

Caitlin “Kate” Todd

Caitlin "Kate" Todd

Caitlin "Kate" Todd

The first episode of the series marked Caitlin “Kate” Todd‘s entrance to Gibb’s team in NCIS. Her flexible and resourcefulness was highlighted and carried on throughout the two seasons she was in on the show.

As the show went, Kate proved to be one of the assets of the show, and the team. She developed great rapport with the other characters and gave out a cool and solid appeal to female investigators. Her “entanglement” with the main male casts also became an entertainment for the viewers. Her relationship with Jethro Gibbs was viewed as respectful as well as a little flirtatious. Her quirks with Tony Dinozzo was seen as a “sibling” squabble. And her interesting “bond” with terrorist Ari Haswari created a dangerous atmosphere to which most viewers became attracted to.

Kate Todd was murdered at the end of season 2, as Sasha Alexander asked to be written off the show. Her death caused some confusion and mild outrage among the audience, as she was one of the main characters of the show and has given justice to the her role.

Ziva David

Ziva David

Ziva David

Replacing Kate Todd on the team, Ziva David‘s entrance raised some eyebrows but glued everyone to how she would turn out in the series. And I have to say, she turned out to be an amazing addition.

A Mossad agent, fast-thinking and trained to kill, her character appeared to be calculating and sharp. She adapted well to the pace, and has become a trusted member of the team, as well as earning a thumbs up from the viewers. She was also equipped with a sense of humor and smug confidence that allowed her to balance well with Tony’s and Timothy McGee‘s jokes and taunts. Through her rough upbringing as a Mossad agent, she is undoubtedly the strongest in the team when it comes to combat.

Cote de Pablo is still on the show, and Ziva David has been modeled as a round character as each season passes. As the show becomes more involving and striking to the characters’ personal lives, Ziva’s character has also been brought out more and more.

ziva21kate21My Verdict:

I go for Cote de Pablo and her character as Ziva David. She delivers more humor and more wit into the show. And with Kate Todd only appearing in two seasons, and Ziva currently in four, Ziva has had more time to captivate the audience and be more recognized. Plus the fact that she can kick some serious butt, she has got to be more interesting than Kate Todd.


83 Responses to “NCIS: Caitlin “Kate” Todd versus Ziva David”

  1. Alex said

    I don’t think I could agree more πŸ™‚ Ziva ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jane Doe said

    I thing Kate was better than Ziva,
    because she was a nice person!!!

    • Jacob said

      Ziva rocks she kicks ass and she is more skilled than kate. But i would like both of them to be on the show. You also dont have to be nice to be a mossad officer. ZIVA IS JUST BAD ASS!

    • Sydney said

      i agree! kate was soo awesome! she was nice and i miss it when she and tony would argue about the littlest things.. πŸ™‚ those were the good old days!

  3. Ziva said

    I really like Ziva especially the way she corrects people when they say her last name wrong I’m surprised she hasn’t hit anybody yet.

  4. Kate said

    Ziva is weird, Kate was nice and funny and perfect with Tony! I want Kate back! NOW!!!

  5. Ziva said

    Ziva is great
    when will she tell tony how she feels.
    Kate was good to but ziva is a lot more interesting.

  6. peanuts said

    i can understand people saying ziva is stronger than kate..but nobody is giving kate the credit of the two newbie seasons…whereas ziva came in a full fledged show, with a steady concept and already adapted screenplay.
    i think kate is better than ziva- she was definitely as tough (as we have seen with her b*lls busting kick she gave to mcgee) and those elbow jabs reserved for Tony wasnt easy either. HECK she even got gibbs to say PLEASE!
    i think she balanced better, cuz she knew how to be strong, and still act like a woman dammit.. ziva is just another man on ncis..

    i give ziva credit..but kate is stilllll number one..she paired best with every cast member.. i want sasha alexander back now now nowww!

    • Suzzi said

      to ” Peanut” Well actually… You can’t say that Kate didn’t have any training because she did protect the presidant of the united states so thats why she could kick mcgee’s butt i mean serious any girl can kick a guy in the walnuts but it doesn’t make them impowered Ziva had to go through training to kick butt and wat not as her and tony were talking about on an eposide she had to grow up quick and she didn’t have a choice and now she does but being raised up like that it makes her her and she did make Gibb’s remeber wat happened fully be for he tryed to resign. and Ziva can be romantic like in the eposide “Dead Man Walking” she was.

  7. Alex said

    Is it me, or have they tried to make the two look alike…

  8. megan said

    i liked kate and was really upset when she left, but as the seasons have passed i’ve grown to really like ziva. I absolutely love the tension between her and tony, and really like how gibbs respects her (since she killed her brother to save him). I really hope next season they will save her and she and tony can “make-up’ if you know what i mean. πŸ˜‰

  9. Laine said

    Kate was good, but Ziva I reckon is better… brings out the dynamics of the team a lot more. Gibbs trusts her a lot more, they’ve got a strong bond with each other, Tim and Ziva get along fine, Ziva takes his side against Tony every so often. With her relationship with Tony, there is that tension between them, heightened with the finale of Season 6. Ducky and Ziva understand each other because of their experience with war, religion and morality. Jenny and Ziva were the best of friends and Abby loves Ziva like a sister after the beginning.

    Overall, I say that Ziva is definately better, besides because of her background with Mossad and her father as the Director of Mossad, the shows are getting better and better. Much more interesting, can’t wait for season 7!

    • Linda said

      just wanted to point out, Abby and Kate were definitely MUCH closer! You can tell how much they love each other as sisters during the first 2 seasons.

      Whereas Abby’s friendship with Ziva just isn’t as strong…even though Abby has known Ziva longer than she has known Kate.

      But it’s so obvious Abby was much closer to Kate, that she is with Ziva.

  10. Louise said

    Ziva is a more interesting character. She an Tony have an interesting chemistry that wasn’t there with Kate. Even in a non-romantic way I don’t think Tony and Kate really clicked.

  11. Amber said

    hehe, they need someone to do a mans job with a womans touch, (especially if tony can’t) definately Ziva, they need a role model of a woman that kicks-but better than most men.

    • Vampire Chik said

      Absoloutely agree with u there! They need more agents… I really don’t think that anyone could do Gibbs’ job better than him tho!! :-]

  12. lolo said

    I think alex is reat , ziva roock and kate is ssssso sweet, i love both of them!!!

  13. KATE said

    i like kate better she is the better agent she is hotter than ziva and kate rocks i love her now i only watch the episodes with kate!!!! Kate please come back to NCIS!!!!!

  14. Robert said

    I think Kate todd should still be on the show

  15. Suzzi said

    I agree but Kate and Ziva are different but at the same time a like they’re alike with there relationships with tony but Ziva is a person that keeps her personal life personal like kate did. Butthey have differences such as Kate was Catholic and Ziva Jewish, Kate work for U.S. goverment and Ziva Tela , Vi goverment. Kate was trained to protect the priesdent of the united states and ziva was trained to kill so they are a like and different i enjoyed both on the show but i differ Ziva more her character to me is mysterious and more actionist and rough which is more interesting to me.Ziva doesn’t care about taking food of tony’s but kate freaked out when tony ate her tuna sandwhich and only left the crust because he ate it. Kate was clumpsy lovable , and at times a bit to attacthed to things it fogged up her thoughts about people and ziva has also had those mistakes but not as many. So to me cote de pablo is better on the show than sasha alexander but it would been interesting to have them be on together.

  16. Kortni said

    Ziva is really awesome. I am watching animal planet. Peace.

  17. Kayla said

    Kate was and will always be the best no one can ever replace her

  18. gummy bear said

    i like kate more…

  19. hott girl 2000 said

    i think ziva is the hot one with more erg for sex with tony. GOOD THING SHE GOT SHOT IF NOT IT WOUNLD HAVE MADE THE SHOW LIKE BOR CSI!!!!!!!! KATE IS BORING BEY BEY KATY

  20. tvfreak said

    Too much of the “nice girl” charm, I like Ziva because her character is strong – the way you expect beautiful girls to be tough and edgy when they live among men.

    I got hooked to NCIS because of her character, she acts like a man so that you’re anticipating for upcoming series whether there would be scenes that focus on her sexuality. Her accent and accent and looks are also intriguing – jewish? italian? hispanic? australian?

  21. NCIS Fan said

    She has that soft side, but then she can turn around and be that tough, strong character.
    Ziva? She’s all tomboy, all tough. I can’t stand that. What’s the point in having a female cop if she’s nothing more than another male character? As for her and Tony, well… Gag. I don’t even want to think about that. Kate and Tony belonged together.

    To me, that desk that Ziva sits in is still Kate’s. Those cases she works, Kate should be working instead. Those conversations she’s having with Tony, or Gibbs, or Abby, or McGee or Ducky, Kate should be having instead. The evidence she collects should be Kate’s to collect. Every episode she’s in, could be highly improved if only Kate was there instead. There are times I can’t even stand to sit through an episode with Ziva because she gets on my nerves so much. The episodes with Kate I have seen a million times, and they never get old; every little bit of those episodes, I love. The way she and Tony banter (some people call it ‘siblinglike’, I call it ‘sexual tension’), the way she can get Gibbs to do things others can’t (except maybe Abby)… It’s all just so much better than Ziva.

    So, yeah. I’m Kate all the way.

    • Kate said

      i absolutley agree with you. i dont HATE ziva. she just bugs me, alot. kate was waaayyyyy better. tony and kate were meant for eachother. tony and ziva is just, EWWWW!

  22. redgirl said


    • JESSICA said

      i dont care what you think i just know that kate was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I MISS YOU KATE.

  23. Jade said

    Both have their fine points but Ziva brings more drama to this story. She also brings more humor, with the way she baits Tony and how she muddles phrases. Kate was too much of a goody two shoes – she would have followed orders blindly, if told to protect at whatever cost, she would have. But Ziva takes risks, even if she goes against Gibbs’ rules (aka – disarming the bomb; Kate would have never disobeyed Gibbs). And that is where I think what makes the show more interesting. Besides, with Ziva’s background, and involving Mossad and all that – NCIS has become soooo much more interesting! You’ve got to admit that. Frankly, I reckon that NCIS truly started when Ari and Ziva turned up. And Ziva is full of contradictions too, she may act tough but she has a kind heart underneath – Kate would never have been able to pull that off.

    So Ziva rules for me πŸ˜€

  24. Ashley said

    Gotta say Ziva – she has a relationship with all of the characters, she’s linked to them in some way at least. She and Gibbs understand each other because of their past, and because they trust each other, they probably have the strongest bond out of the whole team. Tony and Ziva, well… it’s obvious, isn’t it? Ziva also sides with McGee at times, making it fair in the bullpen, and the way Tony, Tim and Ziva work, with all that bantering, is far more interesting than what Kate could have been with them. While Abby took awhile to warm up to Ziva, she now trusts her as a good friend; Ducky and Ziva understand each other as they both had experiences with war and the sensitive issue of religion. Ziva is a mentor to Palmer, she never leaves him out. And Jenny was her best firend, Ziva saved her life in Cairo. Even Vance is linked with Ziva through her father.

    So Ziva brings so much more to the show than Kate could have ever done.

    Ziva is better… period πŸ˜€
    ps: better at kicking ass and better looking too!

  25. Sammie said

    Why does it have to be one or the other? They were very different women and had very different relationships with the other team members, and they were both fantastic. I love them both, for different reasons.

    • Avalon said

      Perfect! Couldn’t have said it better myself. I love them both for who they are individually. I miss Kate but I love Ziva.

  26. Me said

    I LOVE Ziva. Kate was nice, but… in my opinion she did not have the magic that Ziva brings. The flirtations with Tony were cute, but whit Ziva sparks fly! Yes, she did come into a steady show but Kate was a very loved person on the show and now there is this Mossad agent that has to fill her shoes! A very difficult task. But she did that very well and the series is soaring!

  27. rachel said

    i think ziva is so pretty and exotic looking and although kate was nice she was boring while ziva has that charm and humour and is mysterious as well i am hooked to no more about her life and the people in it

  28. kelsey said

    i like ziva a whole lot better than kate because kate is so boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ziva is so much more fun,daring,and mysterious!!!!!!!!!!!! and if kate is going to be on n.c.i.s.(navel criminal investigative service)ziva should be on with her to put more drama on the show
    p.s. i love n.c.i.s. and only the ones with ziva onthe show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. ziva rocks πŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Kate should still be on the show. I WANT KATE BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Katie said

    I LOVE ZIVA. She is so beautiful and she knows how to kick but. Her and Tony are so funny together. Kate was ok but she never let tony have any of her. I am Glad ziva came
    P.S ZIVA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I feel a little guilty, but Ziva gets the nod. Lets compare them like this:

    Ziva Kate
    Sex appeal 1
    Flirtatiousness 1
    Looks tie tie
    Acting ability tie tie
    Sympathetic 1
    Investigative 1
    Fighting ability 1
    Killer instinct 1
    Comedic aspects 1

    Add it up any way you like, Ziva comes out on top.

  32. Ikay, that chart didn’t come out too good when I clicked submit, but almost everything was on Ziva’s side.

  33. oh yeah said


  34. gregory said

    i think Zeva is the hottest girl in the entier world bt i do agree i would love to c how kate and zeva would get along and ow theid change their acts tworwds dinozzo

  35. Bonne said

    Ziva is smart and she can be funny in away. But i like that she is more of Γ  symbol for the USA and middel East to get allong. And shes dama good aktres.

  36. Vampire Chik said

    I like the way that Kate made fun of Tony. But I like that Ziva can throw anyone down on the ground anytime she wants to. So I’m kind of a tie on both. Their both good agents, but I like the way that Gibbs hits Tony and McGee on the back of the head when they say something funny. I also like the way that Gibbs has sort of a telepathy thing with Abby and Ducky. I like all the characters. What can I say? I’m an NCIS freak…..

    P.S. Reply me!! πŸ™‚

  37. Kura-ura-chan said

    I personally prefer Kate–her dynamics with the team are far more interesting to me. The teasing, the arguing–the banter seemed genuine and the development in her relationship with others (in particular, Tony) seemed to progess naturally. Ziva seems a bit more washed out–I like how she can kick butt, but other than that…she seems a bit boring. Her banter with the others isn’t as amusing. Her relationship with others seems a bit forced–as though, to make up for a new character added, they had to put a little bit of everything to make her relate with everyone. Her relationship with Tony also seems really…rushed? Especially with how obvious her feelings are for him–I’m only glad it isn’t as obvious on his side.

    (What can I say, I love Tate. XD)

    And for those who say that Kate just follows orders and such, it’s really hard to say what she would have done in those situations where Ziva ignored orders. Kate doesn’t have the same training Ziva does and vice versa. She might have beat up her kidnappers–she has some training, (president’s bodyguard?). She might have been forced out of the restrictive shell of rules as her character progressed. That’s the point of a story, for a character to change while remaining basically the same. Speculating, then, is impossible. I mean, she already showed some progress back in SWAK, when she stayed with Tony even when she shouldn’t have.

  38. Kyla Wallinger said

    I like Ziva and Kate. They are both unique in different ways. Ziva was trained to spy and kill, on the other hand Kate was trained to protect and save. Like I said ‘UNIQUE’ but the same in ways. Ziva has feelings for Tony as does Kate. Kate looks to Gibbs for advise as does Ziva. See what I mean. That’s why I like them both.

  39. Abbi said

    The first season I saw was 3. Then 4 then 5 then 6 and now 7 is on. I just finished watching season 2. I had started watching it a bit less than a week ago. Ziva has always been my favorite. Kate is close and is a lot like her but Ziva is still better. And her relationship is really good with Tony. I love it when they focus on that. But I did like that Abby and Kate were so close. I think it would be so cool if, in one of the episodes, Tony shows Kate’s wet t-shirt hall of fame picture to Ziva and then they hear “Knock it of, DiNozzo,” and they turn around and it’s Kate. BTW I haven’t seen any of season 1.

  40. Pat said

    I liked Kate’s ‘sibling rivalry’ vibe with Tony better than the direction they’re going with the percolating romance between Ziva and Tony. I do think Ziva’s character is more interesting, great back-story, awesome skills, and she takes no prisoners when it comes to kicking butt. I like both actresses, both are beautiful and talented, but the character of Ziva keeps me interested in what she will do or say next. I’d like to see a little more connection between her and Gibbs; it’s there now to a certain extent, but very understated.

  41. Crazii Chik!!!!!!!! said

    i personally i like both they both have different personalities dont judge Kate cuz she is not as strong as Ziva Or That kate is a better person They are both good people just trained and raised different!!! And I go better wid tony!

  42. kate said

    At first when i learned that kate had died i was really upset because i really liked her and when i saw that she was replaced with ziva i was really unhappy. But as we got into the later seasons with ziva i grew to like her. Even more than kate i’m afraid to say. I guess these things happen.

  43. Julia said

    I had never watched episodes with Kate before, because I knew NCIS only with Ziva, and so I didn’t like when it was Kate, but a week ago I started watching all the episodes with Kate, and now I like her far more than I liked Ziva, today I saw Kill Ari, and really I think I won’t be able to watch any other episode with Ziva. Kate was really the best and I’m gonna miss her so much.

    • KATE said

      Same with me πŸ™‚ , i watched NCIS with Ziva only too, until few weeks ago i decided to watch season 2. And i was blown away, every single episode from season 2 brought, what the BEST episodes from seasons to follow up had, it was as good or better then the episodes to follow.

      Kate is the best

    • Emily said

      It was absolutely the same for me too. I can’t watch anymore episodes with Ziva (even though I still do like and respect her) because now for me, NCIS isn’t the same without Kate. I miss her a lot.

  44. shro said

    Ziva is more exotic and more intriguing. kate was not convincing as one who once guarded the president. She was Maryanne while Ziva is Ginger. Kate was dull but cute and wholesome, like June Cleaver. Ziva is naughty and ruthless. She fots the role of a federal agent much more so than Kate. I liked Kate as a person, but I love Ziva as a character. She is more like Gibbs . Kate was more like McGee. Ziva combines the toughness of Gibbs with the naughtyness of Tony. Ducky and McGee have enough niceness to go around. Ziva makes the cast miuch more diverse and mysterious.

  45. maria said

    you’re right, played four seasons, is strong and graceful … but raised and trained to be a killer, she is cold, killed his own brother, its okayy she forced her father. but its not fair
    kate is more sweet and loving … for me it is better to cling to kate, I know it’s not going to disappoint. is more reliable, I feel more protection from kate.
    is my opinion. but I think he deserves more recognition than ziva kate. kate finally received a medal of honor and Ziva is the guest on NCIS. mossard she belongs to. In the seventh season on NCIS is accepted as an agent. kate NCIS work two years in only one months and Ziva, Ziva IS A PROBIE

  46. addicted to NCIS said

    i agree and disagree with all the comments on here.

    kate is hot and powerful in her own way – they way she started and continued through two seasons is a mark on how powerful she performed – she helped create NCIS into what it is today.

    ziva is building on what Kate brought to the show – but in her own way creates her own character that is just as strong!

    i can not choose either of the two – they are both hot and strong female leads and i would seriously like to see Tony compete with both of them – just think of the hilarity that will ensue! lol

    PS – Abby is the best

    • Abby is weird (weird to be Abby) said

      Has anybody noticed how different Abby is in the first season compared with the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th. I began watching the show from season 4 for some reason, and when i decided to start watching from the beginning i noticed that Abby was well… less Abby. Do you know what i mean? If you compare the two, you can see that in the first season Abby is talking slower than usual and is just weird in general (i guess that using the word weird is wrong, because Abby is supposed to be weird! And in the first season i just didn’t see that… she was just too normal to be our Abby). When i watched the first episode of the first season after season 8, i couldn’t wait to see Abby, and i was really disappointed. I don’t know, maybe they just needed some time to develop the character. I am definitely not blaming the actress, she is AMAZING!!! I love her!! I also really liked agent Todd… I was surprised, i thought i wouldn’t like her at all. i still like Ziva better though…

      You have to check out the Abby thing…

  47. Caitlin Todd is better. She’s American, hotter, and I love her wittiness, and She was too hot to die. Sasha could’ve at least sayed for another season. Tony almost died from Y Pestis. We could have seen how she would try to help him out or something. And she is way too hot.

  48. prisca said

    kate iz better

  49. Lani D said

    I liked Kate when she was on the show and was sad when they killed her off, but ultimately, I’m a Ziva fan. Compared to sassy Ziva, Kate is just bland! Don’t get me wrong, I would choose her for Tony over Ziva, but for the show, I think Ziva brought in another dimension that Kate couldn’t. I feel that Ziva’s bigger and stronger personality has allowed the other characters to let loose their own personalities, when with Kate, everything was just a bit more restrained.

  50. Crazed said

    I think it is unfair to compare these two characters in the first place, and here’s why. Okay, first if you noticed after Kate died all of the team changed so you really can’t judge how the characters interact with the rest of the team because the circumstances were different for each one.

    Second, while both characters would be considered strong women; they have very different histories and a persons past has a huge impact on the person they become as an adult. So, its unfair to say ones better than the other just because ones “rougher” than the other.

    And finally if the creators of the show had replaced Kate with someone who was just like her then it would have seemed like they were just trying to interchange one actor for another like they do in daytime soaps. However, since Ziva is different it added a whole new element while leaving Kate’s character untarnished.

    All in all, both are great characters and have aided the development of the other characters and of course the entire show.

  51. Peter Green said

    I can appreciate that the Kate fans would like to see her back, but a rifle bullet through the brain seems pretty final to me. Enjoyed the fantasy scene when Gibbs turned up late at the funeral.

  52. 1111 said

    ziva is more intriguing and is a more interesting character. plus the actress, cote de pablo is more talented than sasha alexander.

    kate got abit boring after the first season. ziva is lethal, and has more charcter than kate

  53. lawanda fitzjarrald said

    hey kate will be missed and ziva is cool but i have to say that they both rock

  54. Kerry said

    Why does it have to be one or the other? I love them both equally – they are completely different characters and it is unfair to compare them.

    Kate – I like her relationships with the other team members better than Ziva – eg. Kate and Gibbs were like father / daughter, Kate and Tony were like brother / sister, Kate and Ducky were like old friends, Kate and McGee were older sister and younger brother and finally Kate and Abby were best friends.

    Ziva – I like her better as an individual – eg. she can kick some serious butt and I love all of her langauge mistakes. Her past is also really interesting.

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