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CSI versus NCIS

Posted by MAaP on January 30, 2009

I’m fond of watching crime investigations and solving puzzles, which is why I’m a fan of crime series such as CSI, NCIS, Cold Case, even the tough-softy series The Closer. The two most popular crime series are unarguably NCIS and CSI. Which one tops the other?



CSI franchise

CSI franchise

CSI Crime Scene Investigation began in 2000, and has been so successful that it has spawned spin-offs and franchises. NCIS began when the original cast’s appearance in JAG prompted some interest to make a series on them. It is now going along smoothly with its sixth season and does not appear to be slowing down.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

It started with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and became CSI: Las Vegas when its two other franchise, CSI: NY and CSI: Miami, also became hits. Among the three, though, it is still CSI: Las Vegas that has the upper hand, mostly due to the fact tht it was the first and has already established some ground among TV audiences.

CSI: NY and CSI: Miami are running their 5th and 7th seasons, respectively. CSI: Las Vegas goes on their 9th season, even with the departure of the show’s main lead, William Petersen, with two other main characters, Jorja Fox and Gary DourdanCSI: Miami also had their share of main characters leaving the show, but nothing as dramatic as William Petersen’s departure.

The majority of the main cast are still on the show, though, and the show still delivers thrills and suspense. There’s no sign that the show is stopping, with the many unsual cases and mysteries presented.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

NCIS is also doing great with its sixth season and still has increasing popularity. The series was spawned after a spin-off of the series JAG. While NCIS is also a crime series, what makes it unique is that it only focuses on cases involving the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.  This would get us into looking how investigators handle high-profile and sometimes highly confidential cases.

NCIS focuses on only one team and one case at a time. The show also incorporates lavish humor with the investigations. There is a trend in which each season has one major case building up throughout the episodes, and this has especially added up to the thrill and suspense.

Which One Is the Better Crime Series? I love them both, but I think NCIS overtakes the CSI franchise. For one, NCIS has a smarter and more humorous lines along the seriousness of the situations they’re in. Another reason is because of the growth and development of each of the main characters in the series. CSI doesn’t dwell deeply unto the lives of its characters. In NCIS, you can really see how each of the agents has gone through emotional abyss. CSI also had their share of dead agents, but NCIS has suffered more. Not that having agents killed off makes the show more fun, no. It’s because it highlights the danger of the job, and shows how it affects the investigations. The CSI franchise has also somehow become a little static in their style; always with two or more cases, with only a surprise here and there each season. NCIS, though, can still surprise us even when it’s already on its sixth season.

The Cast of NCIS

The Cast of NCIS


25 Responses to “CSI versus NCIS”

  1. kasy said


  2. Ashton said

    NCIS is sooo much better and more interesting it also has less re-runs so NCIS rocks (i would be abby or Ziva from NCIS LOL)

    • I truly think that NCIS is funnier than CSI. Like Ashton said, they have less re-runs. Also, I think that Kate should still be on the show. I would like to see how they react around Tony, McGee, Gibbs, Abby, Leon,Ducky, and each other.

      • Abbi said

        I think it would be cool if Kate just showed up and started working there again (although she is dead) and everyone else but Leon stayed. I hate Leon.

  3. Abigail said

    CSI is so much better than NCIS
    CSI ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think all the crime show are great, entertaining, and funny. I think they should all be in each others show.

  5. hannah said


  6. Abbi said

    I only watch CSI when I am bored or if my mom is watching it and I walk in and see a bit and it looks interesting. I watch NCIS all the time. NCIS is waaaaaaaaaay better.

  7. Abbi said

    It is January 6. Season 7 of NCIS. Last night’s episode seemed so short but it was interesting and I still love NCIS the best.

  8. joko said

    NCIS iz way better seeing the makes me want join the real NCIS soory csi seris

  9. Crazii Chik!!!!!!!! said


  10. Me said

    NCIS is the best :))))))))))))

    Kate !!!!!!

  11. NCIS said

    NCIS is the best (:

    ( cis sucks )

  12. addicted to NCIS said

    i honestly would choose NCIS!

    CSI las vegas is the only CSI show worth watching – and now with William Peterson having left why would anyone choose to watch it anymore – i’m sorry but Laurence Fishburn will never amount to being close to as awesome as Grissom was. Grissom always knew what to do and what to say – and i am sorry he has gone. plus every episode has the same arc and there are no in depth character plots which makes the story feel very flat!

    whereas NCIS – the characters are in depth – you can relate to some of the issues they deal with! Gibbs is the best – he might be a hard ass – but he knows what he is doing – the entire team makes the show and creates a world you would like to see yourself in – by this definition i mean become a NCIS agent. even the character deaths are done with intensity and compassion – Kates death and funeral as point of reference – awesomely done but so sad i cried my eyes out feeling for her because i lived with the show for two years!

    ps Abby is the best

  13. Gio said

    CSI rocksssss it is the best for 10 years I Love CSI and NCIS is just another imitation

  14. Sarah said

    NCIS rocks! Haha, CSI is lame in comparison…. 🙂

  15. a-dean89 said

    Speaking as a NCIS fan, the major difference between with NCIS and all of the CSI franchise is the storyline and plot itself. First, NCIS go deep with their characters emotion, issues, past history and determination, be it On field or Off field characters, they both played their role effectively. Next, the cases can be solved in a unexpected way, be it by Gibbs, Dinozzo, Ziva or McGee, they unravel it with style, prevailing the truth without any doubts and confidently bona fide thinking.Last but not least, the current situations that can be related with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq,NCIS provides us with the real truth that even Pentagon officials committed corruptions and embezzlement for political ambitions. Trivial factors are gorgeous, intelligent, machismo,beautiful,witty and high tech characters that had graced the show since 2003. To date,NCIS is still the most watched drama in the US, beating all of the 3 CSI franchise.

  16. sorry but NCIS sucks big time LOL!

  17. addicted to NCIS said

    sorry to Gio and PC Registry Cleaner Reviews – you guys have no idea what you are talking about!
    anyone who chooses CSI over NCIS is a fool! there is no comparison!

  18. CSI said

    CSI:Las Vegas é o melhor.

  19. Oyster Beer said

    I have at one point or another seen all three CSI’s. I only watch them when I’m bored and even though I used to think that NCIS was a cheap imitation of CSI, I’m afraid I have to take that back. Compared to NCIS, CSI is just d-u-l-l.

  20. Ashlee said

    CSI. ALL THREE. Wit, intelligent, real & artistic and style. NCIS is just way high school that of course dominates US viewership. All teen boppers stuff diggers. Long live CSI.

  21. NCIS Beast said

    NCIS all the way. NCIS is so BEAST. CSI could never beat it.

    :Tony, Abby, and Gibbs are the best
    :CSI sucks total #*&%

  22. PSIandCSI2011 said

    Why is CSI and NCIS both show titles with dumb letters on it? 😛
    I think I seem to like CSI better because in NCIS, Abby annoys me so much in “Dog Tags” because she acts like a scream queen to me.

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