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Look-Alikes: Kim Hyun Joong versus Wu Chun versus Yamapi

Posted by MAaP on November 19, 2008

I’m back in trailing the Asian entertainment scene. I will not deny that I am currently more immersed in Asian shows than in Western TV series. The Korean variety shows has especially hooked me up with their humor and witty situations. In diving through the faces of Korean entertainment, I was especially drawn to SS501 Kim Hyun Joong… and how he reminded me of other Asian idols who somehow look like him.

Asian Idols

Look-Alikes : Asian Idols

Kim Hyun Joong is one of the most popular idols of Korea. He’s got the talent, the personality, the charm.. and he’s also got the face… What about the face? Well, it’s a face that appears to be common among popular idols in Asia. Yamashita Tomohisa a.k.a. Yamapi, a very popular idol in Japan, has almost the same features. These two are almost always being compared, with Hyun Joong sometimes credited to be popular in Japan because he looks like Yamapi. I would also like to add a popular face to be compared with these two, this time another popular idol from Taiwan: Farenheit’s Wu Chun, who I can say also commands a huge fan base not just in Taiwan but across Asia, too.

Japan’s Idol: NEWS – Yamapi

Tomohisa Yamapi

Tomohisa Yamapi

His real name is Tomohisa Yamashita, but is more popularly known by his nickname Yamapi. Yamapi entered the entertainment business when he was 11 and eventually grew to idol stardom. He is currently one of the top male idols of Japan.

Yamapi is the leader and (accepted widely) the best dancer of Jpop group NEWS. He has also collaborated with a fellow pop idol and formed Shuji to Akira. He is also successful as a solo artist, and is also a songwriter.

As the trend of Asian singers goes, Yamapi also delved into acting and was as successful at the craft as he is in the music scene. He has acted in a great many TV dramas and films, and has even won awards for his roles. He is usually one of the male leads in his dramas. For supporting roles, he also stands out with his onscreen charm and suave portrayals.

Taiwan’s Idol: Farenheit – Wu Chun

Wu Chun

Wu Chun

The oldest of the three, Wu Chun shot to fame as an actor. Afterwards, he joined the popular Taiwanese boyband Farenheit and went on to become one of the top idols and leading men of Taiwanese TV. He was formerly a model and a fitness instructor in Brunei, where he lived.

Aside from being an actor and singer, Wu Chun is also a businessman. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia) and founded their family’s gym, Fitness Zone, in Brunei.

Wu Chun was recently awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year (under real name Goh Kiat Chun) back in August during the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards in Brunei.

South Korea’s Idol: SS501 – Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong is a freshie when compared to Yamapi and Wu Chun. Hyun Joong only entered the entertainment industry in 2005, and has achieved relative success as a singer. He is the leader and oldest member of boyband SS501, and has also been appearing in variety shows.

Hyun Joong, as an individual, skyrocketed to fame just recently with his involvement in We Got Married, a reality show where couples are paired up to be husband and wife. Hyun Joong plays the younger husband in an older-woman-and-younger-husband marital life. His 4D personality was exhibited and it charmed a big audience that led to a huge fan base.

Hyun Joong is also just starting onto the drama scene. He was just recently casted as Yoon Ji Hoo, the Korean version of Hanazawa Rui of the popular manga-turned-TV-series Hana Yori Dango. This is his first major acting role and he has shown some passion towards the craft that many can’t help but anticipate great things from him in the future.

Who’s the Idol of the Idols?

Can you choose between these three? Each of them has given us proof that they really deserved to be called idols. Each of them has certainly made a mark in the industry with their idol concepts. I have not really watched Wu Chun’s progress but his entrepreneurship efforts boosted him up for me. On the other hand, I have seen Yamapi’s enough to know that there’s no doubt Japan has a gret idol. Hyun Joong is still starting up on the acting path but he has continuously shown great effort and passion in everything he does… Argh! I can’t choose!


113 Responses to “Look-Alikes: Kim Hyun Joong versus Wu Chun versus Yamapi”

  1. zooie said

    i choose Wu Chun because he’s cutger and hotter!
    and im a taiwanese fan!!
    thats my opinon and choice
    love him and ella!


    ❤ much,

  2. novi said

    i love wu chun

  3. gaia said

    yamapi is the best!!

  4. basd said

    kim hyun joong, he has got the best personality ever 4D and definitely the hottest.

  5. kaye said

    wu zhun look the best out of all of them
    he’s photogenic no matter at what angle you take a shot of him

  6. Amy said

    Kim Hyun Joong!!!
    He’s so handsome and that smile of his is just charm! 😀
    and he’s an amazing actor in Boys Before Flowers, Korean version of Hana Yori Dango.
    He played the role so well and looked incredible and constantly flahsed that smile of his!

    The cast for F4 in BBF was all amazing and talented

  7. bicar yunho said

    ur right! hyun joong look like wu chun, younger vsion of wuchun. both of them are handsome. thanks 4 sharing this pix. keep on sharing.

  8. dbsk said

    yo whtz up
    yamapi is so omg>>>>
    man be allways cute like me>>>

  9. anne said

    when see Hyun Joong in the BBF, he reminds me of Bae Yong Jun. esp his eyes & lip, looks so similar. Hyun Joong just like younger version of Bae Yong Jun, got the feel~

  10. kerusi said

    I like all three actually. ahahaahaa *selfish* But I prefer Yamapi the most. I don’t know why.
    Plus amongst all three he is the one that veers away from looking made up and pretty all the time.. Sorry if that didn’t make any sense. Like with Wu Chun and Hyun Joong their hair is always in place..etc It’s hard to find Hyun Joong and Wu chun have the disheveled look.

  11. elo said

    Kim Hyun Joong, too handsome ^^

  12. Lucy said

    I luv Hyun Joong!
    Ahhhg he’s too hot!
    Srry but he’s beta then the other 2!
    Especially in BBF!
    I luv it wen he smiles!
    It jus makes me amelt!
    I luv yu Hyun Joong!

  13. sweets0me said

    wu chun definitely! i saw him first..kim hyun joong just known him for while because of boys over/before flowers (still confused)..yamapi i’m not familiar at all maybe because i don’t really watch japanese dramas that much though based on what is written above i think he is really good.
    though wu chun is not really a great great actor but he is good..i don’t know why he was considered a lead in hot shot he only came out more on the last episodes but he has a few scenes on the beginning..but i love him especially fei lun hai(Fahrenheit)!love ’em all.lol. kim hyun joong is not bad for a beginner in the acting industry..

  14. coen said

    kim hyun joong , i love u . .

  15. Sonja said

    All three are beautiful, but I have to admit that I am very partial to Gim Hyeon Jung. The first time I saw him I couldn’t catch my breath. He is absolutely the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I have seen him with different expressions, and I think it is impossible for this man to make an ugly face. Even with different hair styles and colors, it is amazing. Most people look horrible when they cry, he looks gorgeous even when weeping. With a camera sweeping 360 degrees around him, he doesn’t have a bad side. Honestly, I think that it is his spirit that makes him so beautiful, there is something different, something ethereal about him. 🙂

  16. Mary Ann said

    i like kim hyun joong… about acting skills i think he’s better tha n wu chun (just what i think)… he’s also talented, he can sing, dance, play instruments and act… he has an angelic face thats hard to find in guys nowadays…

  17. xxYamapiAixx said

    i choose Yamapi, because he’s so kawaiii xD

  18. dil said

    My first love is Wu Chun but because of Hana Kimi Taiwan I tried to watch Hana Kimi Japan and attracted to Toma and lead to Yamapi and because of Yamapi I know MatsuJun and lead to Hana Yori Dango and after Hana Yori Dango it lead me to Boys Over Flower and Hyun Joong.

    That’s my chronicles of three of them but my heart choose Yamapi as my most favourite.

    I can see the charming in Yamapi because he multi-talented.
    He is a good dancer, singer and actor. he can played music instruments, he also a smart person. he graduated in meiji university with a degree in marketing

  19. CaRa said

    i would say that kim hyun joong has a unique personality and thats why i like him
    his looks are all right, and he is very talented as wu chun, now wu chun is buff and
    has a tattos and he is great but i would still go fo kim joong, not because of his looks but becuse how he is, the third guy i don’t know who he is , but i admit he looks alot like kim.

  20. I am a fan of Kim Hyun Joong from MYANMAR. My name is Mon Thiri Soe. I lOve him very much. Oppa! Fighting!

  21. LI LIN said

    kim Hyun Joong…………………..my choice. i read a story about him visiting a sick boy at the hospital without any prior notice to anybody….i think he is a nice person with a warm heart. i like his 4d personality. i hope he will keep up his good spirit.

  22. carolyne said

    Cayoo… Fighting… Don’t give up…

  23. emi said

    my name is EMI HIS from indonesia…..,,,, I LOVE KIM HYUN JOONG….

  24. LyLy said

    love u , hyunjoong

  25. cirque said

    one and only hyunjoong xD

  26. FahrenheitChun said

    Obviously Wu Chun!!!!!!!! He is the hottest person on this universe!!!!!!!! He has so many dramas, advertisements and ALL FAHRENHEIT members are so hot!!!!! Good looks, and nice songs, they will be down in history as the hottest acts and people on this world forever!!!!!!! They are so perfect!!!!!!! Wu Chun and Fahrenheit rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them forever!!!

  27. HEART said

    Definitely Wu Chun!!!!!!!! Wu Chun is so cute and hot, how can he be compared to the other 2? Love fahrenheit and Chun forever! They rock!!!!! I CANNOT BREATHE!!!!

  28. Yunnieca said

    I love them all because they are all my friends…

  29. Kazuki said

    i love all of them

    Kim Hyun Joong, becuz he has good acting skills

    Yamapi, becuz he also has good acting skills and hes japanese

    Wu Chun, becuz to me he kinda represents my country (Brunei Darussalam)

  30. hi. i am myanmar. whatevr u don’t interest me, i love you very much. my g.mail adderss is keykkl@ gmail .com. if u wanna to contact me, please add my account. first i will introduce myself. i am attending university of pharmacy. now i am final student . i ma 20 years old and my name is KHINE KHINE LIN. i live in YANGON , the city of MYANMAR.

  31. hi kim hyun joong . i like u very much. please add my account . keykkl gmail . com

  32. hoasenlotus said

    They all have the look …but …How can someone to be so perfect…when I saw Korean drama Boys Over Flower I’ve been blow away;) My goodness so talented. You are KIM HYUN JOONG!

  33. Chaca said

    Love u kim hyun joong oppa very much^^v
    aZa~aZa fighting oppa!

  34. Nikki said

    kim hyun joong is HOT! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ayu said

    I Love You Kim Hyun Joong . . . . .

  36. juliet said

    wu chun and kim hyun joong are the best!!! i love them and their totally hot! as in!

  37. vhey said

    i choose both of hyun joong and wu chun………………

    i love u both same big…………BIGGGGGG

  38. myat noe said

    Hi hyun joong.I want your photo.Please give me your photos.You are very cute and so fine.I like boys over flowers movie.I hope you famous in all over the world.

  39. necha said

    I choose kim hyun joong…he’s so cute and very handsome………

  40. HeNey said

    Haii kIm hYun joong

  41. janebalansag said

    hai,,,,,,,u know im very happy that you have a tv drama here in the philippines ….it makes my life complete…hindi ako papasok sa aking klase basta makita ko lang ang tv dramaaaa.nyo……..heheheh

  42. hi good day kim hyun joong i like your style and your songs. i always encourage u.i interest u so much.

  43. Porkie said

    i wish i could see Kim Hyun jong in real life..
    He’s so Hot to me

  44. desh said

    It’s kim hyun joong for me. got hooked even on the first day of the drama series. already searched on internet for the ss501 and WGM.
    A very talented guy . . .

  45. Rafless said

    Kim Hyun Joong!!!!!!!
    Only him!!!!
    A boy with warmest heart….. (i know it by seeing his smile)

    Saranghee Oppa

  46. Slim Hocson said

    i bet…

    Kim Hyun Joong is hottest and coolest.

    nothing compared to him,, he’s the best!!!

    Luv ya ji hoo of BOF!!! 😉

  47. he_ra said

    hyun joong…
    Love u

  48. Risna said

    I love u Kim Hyun Joong ! I like Your Smile ! So sweet…^^

  49. oum said

    I love kim hyan joong. He was hansome and cute

  50. Nicole said

    kim hyun joong is the best!!!best among the rest!!!

  51. Nicole said

    ….he is my husband….wahahahahaha….

  52. mia said

    i prefer kim hyun joong he is soooo cute hahaha

  53. therese mae said

    para sa akin mas bagay si jun pyo at si jan di sa boys over flowers kahit sa totoong buhay ang bagay nila pero ikaw kim hyun joong isa kalang buntot na palaging sunod ng sunod

  54. kara said

    kim hyun joong,,,,,so much

  55. sayuri said

    `actualii i lhab them all.:).haha.:) all of dem are charmings.:).ahaha lol.:) i want too keep them.:).because they are too cute.:).ahaha and HOT.:) but i lhab de most is KIM HYUN JOONG because of his smile and his role in boys over flower.:) and i also lhab yamapi.:) wooh his soo cute for mee his de cutest among de rest.:) its just my opinion.:).haha i like wu chun too because his HOT sizling HOt.:)

  56. crisanta said

    I see every movie in boys over flower

  57. yui_chan said

    yui like wu chun, kim bum and of course hyun joong. they smile make me fly to the sky….

  58. mharielle said

    i like KIM HYUN JOONG!!!!!!i hope to see you here,syempre sa pinas hahaha!!

  59. Ratna said

    ilove kak kim hyun jong!!!!!!!????????????

  60. putri said

    i love you ………………..

  61. yumeko said

    i love Kim Hyun Joong…

    He is so handsome, and his smile is perfect…

    i love Kim Hyun Joong, he is the best…

  62. carol said

    hyun joong is always the best no matter what!!keep on fighting!!

  63. mief_ said

    LOve KIM HYun JOOng . .! ! !
    so handsome with his Smile . .

    I love his song, his performance . .

    waa . . His so cute

    4 dimension guy . . . !

  64. jhoan said

    ……………………kim hyun joong…………………………






  65. agya dwi said

    i LovE wU chun .

    he is so handsome and cool .

  66. Patrcicia said

    hi Wu Chun i hope you red this cuase u r my crush and u r so hot

    but we will still have chance love u Wu Chun kip safe there:)

  67. marlith jane said

    ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○they are all handsome but me i will choose wu chun than the two
    he is so different with the two they are look alike what so ridiculuous but i like to comment for the
    blooger 100% i like it please do another like this thanks….☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○

  68. krthrn123 said

    hey i choose them all,but i don’t know why thousands of girls loved them,maybe they are cute,but its not enough!

  69. ufie said

    you are so very cool wu chun i love you sO much

  70. Teacher said

    You spelt Fahrenheit wrong.

  71. WuChun said


  72. kisha said

    Yamashita Tomohisa is the hottest by far.
    His manly qualities are irresistible. Any woman, or man for that fact could easily fall under his spell.

    He brings his charms to the set in an unknowing way. What ever Yamapi wants the director gives.

    A take charge man in a subtle way. ” I want to see you in these clothes”. OMG!! I will wear anything for you Tomo chan.


  73. ken~ken said

    ..What??..Yamapi is not that popular..
    ~well then some of the comments above are biased..cuz ur only choosing between hyun joong and wu chun.(u totally ignored pi-chan..sobs.)..
    ~anyway,why dont you try to research or watch anything about yamapi..:D
    ~told you he’s really great..:DDD

    • ForeverFan said

      Totally agree with you. I used to be obsessed with Hyun Joong but in terms of acting skills, Yamapi is better. HJ… I think it’s because of the show, the personality of the character he acted as was touching.

  74. someone said

    I would chose Yamapi 🙂 I mean, he is cool, funny & good-looking. His singing is quite good, watch his live performance of Loveless in hey x3 ( I fell in love with the song Loveless).
    Hyun Joong is more of the cute type? Haha. I don’t know much about him. I didn’t watch BOF, but I think he is quite good-looking & kind too. 😀

  75. mid said

    i luv hyun joong…

  76. musyp said

    well…..i love yamapi the very most ever,,,,,,
    he’s so kawaii-ne……
    he’s very superb…..
    he’s so talented…..
    for you all don’t like yamapi,i suggest to try to watch KUROSAGI…
    and you absolutely crazy for him….(like me)
    well,i’m looking for his website or fanclub…did anyone here know?
    if someone know please send the link to musfeera1312@yahoo……
    take care,luv u yamapi…

    p/s:i don’t like kim hyun joong so much,while my friend crazy on him,yeah,we keep fighting about who’s more gorgeous…haha..lol..

    • ForeverFan said

      Watch Nobuta Wo Produce.. Or Proposal Daisakusen or… Buzzer Beat. Lol. I’ve watched quite a lot of his drama, he’s a wonderful actor. Great singer… (Though he isn’t my number one idol in terms of singing).

  77. shana said

    wuuuuuuuu cchhuuuuuuuuunnnnn…………ai si terrrrruuuuuuuuuu…..

    arigato gozaimazen.he…he.he.

  78. yamapilove said

    YAMAPI forever is the best!!

  79. sasha said

    Wu Chun forever….Love him…so charming and always keep himself grounded no matter how big his achievements is…a Man with a very good heart also….I’m gonna choose him all the way…

  80. Chun rocks said

    I LOVE WU CHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST!!!!!!!!! FAHRENHEIT AND WU CHUN JIA YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. jhoy said

    wu chun your so cute and handsome man i really like you i hope you can meet me in the philippines!!!love you so much.
    of course you too kim hyun joong your so cute in boys over flower love you too.. i hope we can meet in the philippines.

  82. pixel_perfect said

    Wu Chun of course,my ultimate crush forever!!!!for me he’s the best

  83. Love FLH said

    Wu Chun!!! From the five years since Fahrenheit has debuted, Wu Chun has improved a lot and fahrenheit is really improving very fast too… Endorsements and commercials, albums, idol dramas, movies, fahrenheit is really an extremely popular boyband!!!!!!! They rock!!!!! Wu Chun GO!!!!!! FAHRENHEIT TOO!!!!!

  84. riri said

    I chose yamapi!!! i love yamapi *-*
    is so good in all!! handsome , great singer, and.. like model uy *¬*…..i love more! hahaha well is my opinion n.n

  85. hello said

    WU CHUN ❤

  86. tt said

    WU CHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  87. :] said

    I like All 3…I used to really like Chun but…Im getting SUPER obsessed with YAMAPI. And plus…I love KHJ too

  88. Zhozky said

    Heeey!! obviously I love the most Kim Hyun Joong! He is such a great singer, group leader, actor, model, etc, etc, etc. He is just perfect! And SO HOT! LOVE SS501! ^^ Greetings from Peruvian Triple S!!

  89. Zhozky said

    Ohh! I was forgeting something!! Wu Zun looks more like Kim Hyung Joon!! SS501’s Maknae, not the leader- kekeke ^^

  90. ForeverFan said

    I love Yamapi the most… But I’ve this impression they all went for plastic surgery rofl. (or is it a known fact? I haven’t read anything about their plastic-ness).

    I they do look a little alike, but the least like of the three is wu zun. I think korean and japanese have closer looks in comparison. That’s just what I think I suppose lol.

    I also thought so when I first watched Yamapi on Nobuta wo Produce. I thought, hey this face… I’ve seen it somewhere… Where was that?? OH Boys Before Flowers! They really look like alike, esp from the side.

  91. KuroWalker said


  92. kim said

    i really like you .you are handsome

  93. thowra said

    not a fan of Wu chun and indifferent towards KHJ (and BOF). So i’d say Yamapi definitely (: partly cos i’ve seen most of his dramas-Nobuta wo produce, prodai, kurosagi, buzzer beat etc. Yamapi-kun wa kakkoii desu (: (: ❤

  94. KHJland said

    I pick Kim Hyun Joong, all the way.
    He’s more handsome than the other 2 (to me)
    His smile flashes 1 zillion watts and warms your heart
    His personality is awesome (he’s witty, funny, charming, and kind)
    He’s cooler than the other 2
    His band SS501 beats Fahrenheit and NEWS any day
    He’s a better singer than the other 2
    He’s a better dancer than the other 2
    As an actor, he’s still a newbie, but he has room to grow and improve

    Yamapi is too scrawny, Wu Chun is pretty buff I admit, but Hyunjoong has an awesome body too (he bulks up easily when he works out and he’s super cut and toned!)

    • alyssa said

      hyun joong oppa was just a cute when you see him in pers0n?
      ill meet him in sockchoo,,while they had a taping…
      wu chun was handsome..but hes t0 old and yamapi…had n0 sex apeal at all..hes cute…

  95. Kim Hyun Joong oppa….
    so handsome,,,

  96. camille said

    hi,wu chun i hope you read this because you are my number one idol.and i like the way you act and smile. you look so very handsome.

  97. Marife 23 said

    Hellerr! 0f c0urse,wu chun!!!!
    He’s s0 cute and very hands0me guy!
    Nice pers0n,,talented act0r.,
    sa katawan pa lang,wala n clang panama kay wu chun q.grabe,he’s s0 h0t!!
    W0 ai ni, wu chun my l0ve!

  98. Marife 23 said

    ….wu chun is the best!,!
    I l0ve u,wu chun!
    I d0nt care wh0 u r,wer ur fr0m.
    All i kn0w is i care 4 u..bec.i l0ve u s0 much!!u c0mplete my days,everytime i see u..im ur number 1 fan,here in the philippines..i wait 4 ur new sh0w “sunshine angel”
    u and rainie yang are s0 cute….i like ur l0veteam.
    Ariel lin and rainie yang are my fav0rite actress

  99. alyssa said

    i chose the three of them…
    theyre so cute in person…
    esp.. hyun joong oppa…
    wu chun…
    and yamapii kun….
    i love them alll…:D

  100. naejin said


  101. i will chose kim hyun joong because he is perfect for me.
    he is gentle, king, tall, cute, handsome, charming and very talented
    he is a perfect man for me……

  102. anonymous said

    They’re all great idols ^^

    I was obsessed with Wu Chun after watching the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi,
    and even though Kim Hyun Joong was so cold in Mischievous Kiss, I found him really charming..
    But I think in terms of acting, Yamapi is most successful..
    because he doesn’t do one or two dramas and that’s it – he does a lot.
    it means we can’t get bored of him ^^
    But then again, Yamapi’s been in the industry for 15 or so years now..
    Wu Chun and Kim Hyun Joong both shot to fame for maybe one thing they did, but Yamapi’s been able to slowly build a larger and larger fanbase over a longer period of time..

    Out of the 3 groups/boybands they’re in it’s hard to pick which one is better,
    because they’re all well known in their own countries and they all have fans in other countries as well.
    SS501 has to compete with other really famous Kpop groups like Super Junior and Big Bang,
    and NEWS has to compete with other JE groups like Arashi and KAT-TUN, which I know have a lot of fangirls..
    As for Fahrenheit, I don’t know of any other groups like them in Taiwan, so maybe they compare to be more famous in their country?
    ..or maybe that’s just me not knowing (lol)
    But if that is the case, then I’m still not sure, because maybe Jpop and Kpop still win over MandoPop..
    And then it’s just Jpop vs. Kpop XD

    .. But overall I think Yamapi wins ^^
    Because he’s constantly doing new work for us fans.
    Whether it’s a tour with NEWS, a new album, a movie, or his own solo tour –
    he just doesn’t give us a chance to get bored ><
    I think he's an idol who people can follow for a long time.

    Maybe because he's the only one out of the 3 who is also a solo artist
    .. But then again maybe it's just my own, kind-of-biased opinion ^^

  103. clah said

    YAMAPI will always win. and i disagree that he looks like wu zun. i do not like that guy even a bit. his looks weird. kim hyun joong looks better now than before but yamapi will always and always win… i think he’ll shine and shining better than these 2 artists. and i guess he’s already a history in japan.

  104. BLANX said

    OMG! should it be yamapi? why? well, if you know him, you will know why. it’s too easy to like him.

  105. ERna TiAna said

    i’m starting like kim hyun joong…but YamaPi for me always much better…♥♥♥

  106. Nite said

    Wow… The whole lot of you must be blind because Yamapi is hotter than all of them. Wu Chun is actually kind of ugly.

  107. kim hyun joong and wuchun is the best!

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