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Winchester Brothers: Sam versus Dean

Posted by MAaP on October 21, 2008

Season 4 of hit TV series Supernatural definitely made a hell of a comeback to the screen… or a heaven of a comeback, it would seem. Spoiler Warning: God and His angels intervene. Ha! The series gets more and more exciting with each episode.

Let’s get to the point of this post then. Dean died and was resurrected by God through an angel. That would put him on the side of good. Well, Dean was always on the side of good when it comes to hunting and vanquishing demons. Sam, too, of course. But we all know that the story gets complicated when it comes to Sam, all because of the demon blood that the yellow-eyed demon Azazel made him drink.

As season 4 progresses, we can’t help but think: Sam has demon blood and may be on the path of the dark side, while Dean becomes a sort of hitman for God. Hmm.. it kind of gives us an idea of a conflict between brothers. Think about it. If Sam eventually gets engulfed with the demonic powers that Azazel gave him, Dean will really have to fight, and maybe kill, his younger brother.

Chosen By a Demon: Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester is the softer one of the two brothers. He is more rational, more innocent, and more sensible. He’s also the rebellious one when it comes to hunting, choosing the path of a university and a normal life instead of the supernatural. Well, he does have the brains and the charms to be a normal popular student in school so living a normal life would be easy for him.

Sadly, his fate is a cruel one. He was chosen by Azazel to command his demon army, and given supernatural powers. With demon blood in him, and a lot of conspiring demons and monsters around them, what choice does he have?

He recently just made a choice never to use his demonic powers again, for fear that he might turn evil at the end. Let’s just hope he keeps this promise. Because a fight between the brothers will definitely happen if he goes over to hell’s side.

Saved by an Angel: Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester

Ironic things happen to Dean Winchester. For one, he never believed in God or angels.. yet he was pulled from hell by one as willed by the Supreme Being. He has no intention of ever harming his brother but circumstances may lead him to do it.

That’s one thing that differs Dean from Sam. Sam is serious about what they do but Dean takes it one at a time with many a sarcasm on his tongue. Despite his cute cocky attitude, though, he’ll still get the job done. He’s never been one to back down from demons and monsters even if they seem stronger than him and Sam.

But what if his opponent is Sam? When Sam turns to the demonic side, Dean will be forced to fight him for the sake of goodness and heaven. Dean has the blessings the upper beings, but this is his kid brother we’re talking about.

Winchester brothers

Winchester brothers

Who Wins? In the end, good will prevail. It has to.. doesn’t it? When we think about it, there’s still the possibility that Sam goes back to good, after all. Dean isn’t the only one with the strong urge to be connected with his brother. Both brothers will always side with each other in the end. I guess we can say then that both of them will win.. and the real challenge of this post is whether or not they will side with good or evil. Will good or evil win in the end?


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