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Alan Shore versus Denny Crane

Posted by MAaP on September 16, 2008

Flamingoes in Boston Legal

Flamingoes in Boston Legal

I’m back on my Boston Legal marathon, and I thought, “Why didn’t I make a comparison between the great Alan Shore and the infallible Denny Crane months ago?”

They’re both lawyers. They’re both rainmakers. They’re both brilliant. And they’re both amusing, and funny, and interesting. They both have voracious sexual appetites. Both have their own mental issues. Both can humiliate you off the court with just their words. And both have “bullseyes on their asses.”

And they’re both flamingoes.

Prone to Word Salad: Alan Shore

He certainly has a way with his words that I think he would be nothing without them. His “word salad dilemma” made that all too clear. His word salad episodes, however, were only for a short while. With his words at his command, he’ll definitely have the jury at his mercy.

Not that his method is intimidating. He just has a way in twisting the thoughts of other people into thinking that cannibalism or shooting a photographer/papparazzi is ethically acceptable. Alan Shore would occasionally cross the line beyond his professional training, however, and resort to illegal means just to help a client. Alan Shore is depicted as a cold and insensitive lawyer, but he has also shown, in great respect, a relevant amount of kindness and care for those around him when he can.

He also has the face, a face that visibly challenges those who he thinks are a good “rattle.” And he’ll rattle you back. With flair. And you could end up liking him for it.

Mad Cow Diseased: Denny Crane

Undisputedly one of the great (fictional) lawyers of all time.. with no losses and a hundred percent victory rate in the courtroom.. it’s Denny Crane.

He’s a crazed one. But he is still unbelievably effective in the courtroom, as Boston Legal has shown time and again. He shocks us a lot with many of his conversations and actions, yet in the end he is still the king of the show (even though the show isn’t all about him).

He’s the funniest one in Boston Legal, I’m sure. Despite his sexual innuendos, he never fails to crack me up with even just a single phrase. Well, two words, in fact: Denny Crane.

Who’s crazier? Denny Crane.

Who’s funnier? Denny Crane.

Who’s more successful? Denny Crane.

But I choose Alan Shore.

While Denny Crane can make me laugh all throughout the series, it is still Alan Shore who gets me interested. His vastly complex character leaves the impression that there are still things he’s hiding. His twisted way of winning a case may be ethically challenging, but then his cases calls for it. And while he has suffered losses and Denny Crane has not, Alan shore surely had more stimulating cases than Denny Crane did.


2 Responses to “Alan Shore versus Denny Crane”

  1. addicted to NCIS said

    if i needed to be defended i would like both of them at my defence table – Alan for his sheer brilliance and Denny for the awe he inspires.

    Denny may have mad cow but he is still Denny Crane and will always be the gun toting america loving bastard we all know and love!

    alan is brilliant – but i feel his closings are too long even though they are great but after a while the audience might get restless and grow weary – but then it must also be said the banter and antics he pulls during the speeches – might just roust the audience!

    for sheer brilliance and ingenuity i would also choose Alan Shore – but in the overall i would like Denny to win as he has shown he can pull a – “rabbit out of a hat”!!

    PS shirley is hot

  2. Marie S said

    I love them both! Denny and Alan………I am addicted to their re-runs….love them!!

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