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Al Pacino versus Robert de Niro

Posted by MAaP on September 1, 2008

It’s been a month and I haven’t written anything of late. My fault, as I had many tasks lined up, and I’m also quite prone to a lot of distractions which I feel inclined to devote some of my time to. But I can never leave this blog hanging. I’ll always come back to make some comparisons. And here we go again…

First off as a post for my birth month will be among two gangster-criminal-like actors who are screen legends, both of them. I wanted to make a post on them earlier, but i only got around to thinking about them recently. I especially heard that they were going to make another movie together, entitled Righteous Kill.

Al Pacino and Robert de Niro already acted on two movies together: Heat and The Godfather II. In both movies, they showed just how convincing they could be as men of guns. Whether the role calls for a hitman, a gangster, a cold-blooded criminal, or a hardcore cop, these two never fail to deliver their best.

The Godfather Gangster: Al Pacino

He has taken on roles that involve a lot of hitting, a lot shooting, and a hell lot of killing. With award-winning performances in many of his movies, Al Pacino knows his character and embraces it. He was terrifying in his gangster roles like in Scarface, feared in The Godfather trilogy, and realistic in his dramatic performances like in Scent of a Woman.

Al Pacino has a long list of nominations and awards for his roles. His easy yet convincing portrayal of his characters undoubtedly made him a star. His dedication to his craft was very evident to the entertainment industry and his fans.

While he branched out to dramatic roles, and even won awards for them, Pacino is best remembered as a gangster or a criminal lord. To this day, while I favor Scent of a Woman a lot, his image still comes across me as a man with a mission.. and a gun.

Enigmatic: Robert de Niro

Robert de Niro also shines as a gangster. He’s at par with Al Pacino in this one. The only difference I can think of between the two of them as gangsters is, while Al Pacino would be holding the gun, Robert de Niro would just be sitting back in his armchair smoking a cigar, with a devilish smile and a deceitful glint in his eyes. Pacino would go out shooting people; de Niro would stay in giving orders to kill.

This is another star who just has that natural charm of bringing to life strong and aggressive portrayals like Al Capone and Vito Corleone. He also an impressive list of awards, as well as branching out to producing and directing films (like Pacino).

The one area where de Niro seems to outshine Pacino is his sense of humor, probably. In recent years, de Niro has starred in comedy films like Analyze This and Meet the Parents. He also shared his voice to the animated film Shark Tale.

Al Pacino and Robert de Niro

Al Pacino and Robert de Niro

Who do YOU go for?

I honestly like them both. They’ve shown great talent and that’re both geniuses in their craft. Despite their gangster-like faces, they are awesome and entertaining legends who have given us films that are most likely part of our top 20 favorite films list.

But I choose Robert de Niro over Al Pacino. This is mainly because Robert de Niro showed us his sense of humor and actively acted in comedy films. Al Pacino is all drama, which is not a bad thing. But I tend to like dramatic actors who can also be convincing in a funny role.


8 Responses to “Al Pacino versus Robert de Niro”

  1. I agree about the humour aspect but what a tuff choice!!!

    ~something to ponder,

  2. Andres R said

    de niro for me, so many great roles

  3. BICA said

    Oh Come on,stop thinking about the movies and think about the actings,Al Pacino is the best acting, if he would appeared in Taxi driver or the goodfellas you will say that the best actor is al pacino, i watched almost ALL the movies of both of them and the one who is the best acor is AL PACINO.

  4. Robert De Niro The Best http://www.adresearch.us/?program=actors Robert De Niro The Best

  5. Indian89 said

    Pacino is God, De Niro is heaven. wat can i say? The deer Hunter (pow scenes)are just bout nuff to raise De Niro’s hands in victory.if not 4 scarface and scent of a woman(godfather trilogy,of course)we wud nt be havin a poll here.

  6. shiv said

    al pacino is da best.. i can’t comment on de niro.. but as far as pacino is concerned i say he is da best..

  7. rocky said

    pacino is god…

  8. nitya said

    de niro is the god of acting…no body can remove him from his place

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