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Jennifer Aniston versus Angelina Jolie

Posted by MAaP on July 6, 2008

It’s pretty obvious why these two formidable women are being compared now and then. Both are hugely celebrated and award-winning actresses. Both have the body, the face, and personality. And both are connected by another Hollywood A-lister with the the golden mane and name of Brad Pitt.

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie

It was a love triangle that was followed by the media and the three became more popular worldwide. Some took the side of Jennifer Aniston, as she was the wife and Angelina was deemed the mistress. Others go for Angelina Jolie, disregarding the rumor on whether or not she really was the reason for the split and focusing instead on her achievements and happy domestic partnership.

Favorite Friend: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston hit popularity with her role as Rachel Green in Friends. The comedy series was a huge success that everyone embraced the cast, especially Aniston. The series spanned out to ten seasons, and Jennifer Aniston (along with her costars) became one of the highest paid TV actresses of all time with their $1-million-per-episode paycheck for the last two seasons of the show.

Aniston proceeded to make a successful film career. She had hit movies such as Bruce Almighty and Along Came Polly. She also became a director and directed a short film, and put up her own production company.

Her marriage to Brad Pitt was celebrated and they were dubbed as a Golden Couple of Hollywood. Rumors of Brad PItt and Angelina Jolie led to the couple’s split in 2005. Since then, Aniston has been romantically linked with other celebrities such Vince Vaughn and (presently) John Mayer.

Mrs. Smith: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Jolie was already in the entertainment industry at an early age because of her father, Jon Voight. She was a model at 14 and grew to star on films and win awards. She became a media favorite because of her frank and outspoken nature. She is also one of the best known celebrities around the world, apart from being a “wild girl” type, a sex symbol, and having a pair of luscious lips that every women — and men — wants.

Her celebrity status is also about her being a producer and director. But, the entertainment business aside, she was more famous for her ambassador work and expanding brood. She has been very active with humanitarian and refugee crises. She has a pilot license and owns a plane to help with her projects. She has adopted three children (Maddox, Zahara, and Pax) and has a biological daughter (Shiloh) with Brad PItt. The couple are also expecting twins in August.

Jolie was accused of being the “other woman” when rumors about an affair with Brad Pitt sparked after filming the hit movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Jolie denied the reports, saying she would never be intimate with a married man, as her own father cheated on her mother in the past.

Nevertheless, Jolie and Pitt went on to become domestic partners. Pitt has adopted Jolie’s adopted children as his, too, and they are branded as Brangelina. Their relationship is one of the most watched in the entertainment industry.

Aniston and Jolie in One!

This is a case with a love triangle, a failed marriage, and a rumored affair at its root. I don’t think this would cause a media frenzy if this had happened to less famous people. But this is Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie!… Not to mention it’s Brad Pitt!

My verdict: Despite the rumors, I still go for Angelina Jolie. I have nothing against Jennifer Aniston. I just like Jolie more. I was especially impressed by Jolie because of her humanitarian efforts. Her passion to help refugees and children and fight against poverty is really inspiring. I also like Jolie’s choice of films (except those that are very explicit, of course). I like comedies, too, but when we talk of serious films, I vote for Angelina Jolie.


48 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston versus Angelina Jolie”

  1. anonymous said

    I used to have alot of admiration for angelina’s Beauty as well as just her but she truely disappointed me… she is a homewrecking bwahaha and uses her looks (sex appeal the majority of the time) to hide behind what she really is she not only destroyed someones life but their marriage as well …Is that the Third World UN Ambassador she portrays herself to be? I dont care how Beautiful a person its they’re character that speaks volumes about who they are and what she did to Jennifer was wrong… and Brad is no better…people can have their opinons on Angie and Brad because of their Humanitarian projects and looks (Beauty Fades) but the fact remains that they are nothing more then low-down cheaters who are in acutality cold and heartless to feel no remorse about their actions…I can see straight through both of them like glass for who they really are…

  2. fixator said

    I go with Angelina. Here in Namibia, Africa I saw firsthand what she did. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. No saint, but getting there…

  3. sandy said

    jolie may act like a saint when it comes to her charity work, but she’s only doing that to alleviate the guilt she must feel for being a homewrecker and also to cover up her many personality flaws. she’s a deceptive liar and has pulled one over on most of the media and her own fans. she’s very calculating and is missing the same “sensitivity” chip as brad. remember, she was also the woman who stole billy bob away from laura dern while they were engaged. that’s pretty heartless, if you ask me. i don’t care how many kids she adopts or how much charity work she does because she is doing it just to get attention and cover up for her shortcomings. she’s easy to see through if you know how to read people.

  4. lisa said

    I hate Angelina….always have I remember at 1 of the award shows some years aback when she was with Billy Bob the reporter was interviewing them she said they just F****** in the car and her father was standing right behind them .She thinks because she is a celebrity it gives her the right to behave in public how ever she wants. Then the french kissing of her brother…….what is that is she going to teach her kids the same….All these charity things she’s into is to cover up her vulgarity.

  5. Jen is hotter than Bradgelina in more ways than one

  6. maria said

    Angelina is way too hotter and she has the most beautiful face on the planet! Jennifer Aniston???? She’s too shallow to be even compared to Angelina! Brad is too hot, so he needs an equally hot partner like Ms. Jolie!

    • Carol said

      Jennifer is the most beautiful for what she is inside, the way she is, the kind of person..Beauty form outside is nothing.
      They will get old and ugly even if they do 100 of plastic surgery.And if you didnt know Angelina has plastic surgery on her face.
      Her eyes, her eyebrows , maybe a bit her lips to remark it more.,her boobs. As far as i know Jennifer dont have plastic surgery.
      And about helping others, maybe she feel it in that way, maybe she really care. But also is because she knows that will appear in the magazine, people will talk about her, how human she is, how much she is doing. If you really care about kids, you start from yours.
      Secondly, If you are that humanitarian, you start showing respect for others, specially with a marriage..She got no respect at all for herself and for Jen, NOt being enough she show herself as nothing happen, as if Brad never met Jen..
      At the end Jen is the best cos she is simple, beautiful, good person, and sexy as a natural woman…

      • bethsi said

        100% I aggre with you carol, it doesn’t matter how much Angie will donation for humanitarian “THAT’S SHOW FOR THE WORLD ONLY”, to cover up ANGIE evil the big game for UN, just for her fixing reputation. This is univers, HER NAME IS ANGEL TO COVER EVIL, becareful with EVIL allways look good……..

  7. Scholten said

    Jen is hotter than Bradgelina in more ways than one… YES,YES,YES,YES


  8. Tanya said

    Angelina and Brad do belong together. They definitely love straying and have their eyes wandering at the drop of a hat. I wont be surprised if they split again, due to some “irreconcilable differences”. I’d be laughing my ass off the day that happens.

    And I am so truly happy for Jennifer Aniston that Angelina Jolie helped him get rid of the crap-bag Brad Pitt. I bet, Jen realizes this. She just deserves so much better and so much more. Hope you have all the peace, happiness and calm that the world can offer, Jen. Hope you get everything that you deserve and a lot more for just being what you are. 🙂

    Loads of Love

  9. dea said

    angelina is the most sexy beauifull and whatever u want wrom all the world….the best!!

  10. Rachael said

    Jennifer is the prettiest out of the 2 by far!! she always has been and always will, although Angelina is pretty i think Jen wins all round !!!

  11. yorana said

    I preffer Jennifer than Angelina. She is much simpler and more charismatic than Angelina. I liked Brad and Angie a lot until what they did to Jen. Jennifer always!!!

  12. Anonimous said

    Jen is beautiful inside & out!!! Full stop.

  13. lucila said

    jennifer aniston she prity woman-

  14. Bodhicitta3000 said

    Though both ladies are beautiful in appearance, Angelina could not hold a candle to the radiant eyes of Jennifer. Give me a girl like Jen any day. Beauty and soul combined..

  15. Brian said

    jennifer far better looking, I think shes one of the most beautiful wemon on the planet.and her talent goes with out saying.

  16. Fredy said

    Jennifer is beautiful and is hoter than Angelina.

  17. Michelle said

    Angelina may be good-looking but it is Jennifer who has a beautiful face and charismatic personality. She comes in a full package.

  18. Andy said

    I really don’t understand why do the people are so obsessed with Angelina Jolie. She’s pretty, but she’s not the prettiest woman in the world. The people need to stop believing on everything midia says. I like Jennifer Aniston, she seems more natural and real to me.

  19. Ricardo said

    I love Jennifer. Sh´s a very beautiful woman in the world. Sh`s better than Angelina.

  20. Kirsty said

    I usually don’t like women like Angie who’s just intimdatingly gorgeous, because I’m jealous of them. However, I will make an exception for Angie, I respect her for humanitarian work, and she’s serious about her acting career. Jen, in comparison, seems bland. I actually like Jen less and less after the her breakup with Brad Pitt, she’s incapable of moving on and doesn’t have any ambition beyond her love life.

    • Sue said

      Truly agreed! Jennifer seeks for pitiness from her fan by blabbing her stories to different magazine and news paper (well, another way for her to be famous and shine). A real woman can stand up and take charges their own life. A real woman can be a true sport and move on with life. Instead, she choice to elaborate her stories years after years to get more of sympathy from her fan.

  21. lilredder@hotmail.com said



    I think jennifer is an class act, angelina got’ some emotional problem’s to kiss her brother. and to even look Billy Bob is enough to gage you, let lone to be in a relation with that asian lesbian girl, boy think about, she has no bouderies no morales at all .

  22. Debbie said

    Jennifer is the most georgous of the 2. Angelina will lose Brad & Jennifer will move on to better tings.

  23. Anonimous said

    i like jennifer way better she was great in the show Friends. i love her acting and personality from what i can see she is a great women. i liked the movie mr. and mrs. smith but i didnt care for Angelina. to me jennifer seems more down to earth and natural i think Angelina trys to hard. i think Brad should deffintly get back with Jennifer…. but then again he does have all those kids… right now might not be the best time… either way i think the rest of the world should leave them alone about it its just stirring up more drama then all three of them really need.

  24. Vicky said

    I am surprised, that the author of the article supports Angelina Jolie. I agree she is a beautiful and talented actress, doing charity but she has stolen Jennifer’s husband. If you take something that doesn’t belong to you it’s called STEALING! I will NEVER support her whatever she is doing!

  25. haha, Angelina is so crazy! I love her.

  26. Jennifer Aniston is such a sweetie. Jennifer has to be the sweetest friend to have, I loved her on Friends many years ago. Brad and Angie go well together but he was perfect with Jennifer I think.

  27. MB said

    Jennifer Aniston is way prettier that Angelina. I cant stand her. She is a fame grubbing whore. She raves about how she donates to all these chairties. And I personally think she is ugly and her lips drive me nuts!

  28. Sara said

    you know what i think?
    I like Angelina Jolie WAY BETTER than jennifer aniston (although I’m a HUGE FAN OF FRIENDS)!

    but neither of them are really good enough for my brad.

    BRAD PITT should HOOK UP with MEGAN FOX. so that angelina can have a taste of her own medicine. lol 😀

    seriously, bard deserves the best and the best is MEGAN FOX.

  29. Ananymous said


    In the modern society, as far as the trend of beauty; Angelina got the most sophisticated face and everybody is envious. She has a big heart helping other people and risking her life to share her love to all the people in the world from all walks of life. Our family loves and admires her. She’s the best and have great quality because it’s hard to be like her like sharing her wealth to the poor. She is a philanthropist and not racist. May God Bless her, her husband and all their family!

  30. Sue said

    Angie for Sure! She still rock after having many babies. Jennifer still haven’t had one baby and is still F**king around, so I wonder how her body will look after having one baby. Let’s face it! Angie played in several film that rocked the house vs Jennifer who star in nothing but boring love dramas. Now, can you imagine Jennifer playing in any action movies “I think Not.” Jennifer can only star in love, family and comedies dramas. On the other hand, Angelina can play in every type of movies from love, comedies, horror, actions, family and even opera. I mean they both look beautiful but damn to be a movie star you got to be able to play in every types of film.

  31. Brian said

    Jennifer, no question about it. is much hotter in every way.

  32. Anonymous Fan said

    Jennifer Aniston is a WAY better class act than Jolie. Angelina’s silver spoon fame which she was born into from her father John Voight, is the only leg she had to begin to run on regarding any of her fame. Otherwise, she is a malingering phony and pompous home-wrecker who obviously took her own pride in jumping from mattress to mattress, no matter who she left in her wreckage, including her own brother. Jennifer Aniston is very in control of her integrity, dignity, and natural born class and she has always remained resilient no matter what the public has attempted to trash her with. So what the Jolie/Pitt clan finds enjoyment in throwing their money around, all of which is an obviously lifetime of patting themselves on the back to remain in the spotlight on a continued basis for publicity, in essence to remain on their leash of selfishness and materialistic needs and money.
    Jennifer Aniston is number one and way above anything Jolie is or stands for. And if it’s only a matter of a set of life-raft sized lips that look like something straight from the face of a circus clown, then good for her. Jennifer’s natural beauty and class is proof of her being the much more beautiful of the two, and Brad Pitt did her a favor by running off because he wasn’t exactly a compliment to her at all. Jolie can take all of her trailer trash tattoos back to the trailer park because they look hideous and disgusting; what a sick example to set for those little children she is “buying” for her brood.

  33. There have been heaps of nasty comments about Jennifer Aniston doing the rounds on the internet lately. I feel she appears fantastic, particularly after losing a couple of kilos.

  34. RANA said

    Jennifer anistion is so much ugly, Angelina is the most beautiful woman on earth

    jennifer u r a LOSER I HATE U

  35. Karen said

    Okay…I never once bought that Angelina Jolie “great humanitarian” act she pushes. Look at this witch’s track record. She was sleeping with her mother’s boyfriend at 16 years old, she stole her first husband, Johnny Lee Miller (with whom she was in the movie “Hackers” with), from his wife. Then with Billy Bob Thornton, he was engaged to Laura Dern and after filming “Tin Cup” with Angelina, they’re an item. Poor Laura Dern didn’t even know her relationship with Billy Bob was in jeopardy. And then she does it again with Brad when filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Brad should of seen “it” coming! This woman is notorious. Not to mention, just not the type of chick you want mothering your children. Not to mention, between and betwixt all this, Angelina was in a long-term lesbian relationship. I’ve always said that with Brad Pitt she is just trying to pull off the oldest game in the book, “get knocked up and in her case, adopt a crap-load of kids” to assure that the man won’t leave the relationship — and she’s even alluding to it here by saying “she accepts there is nothing she can do about it (Brad seeing Jen)but…the kids might not be so understanding…and might even get upset.” Then you can tell she’s definately that type of conniving *itch cause she says, “Brad should be smart enough not to put them in that position.” Oh, give me a break, those kids will get over it just like millions do when their parents break up. Angelina Jolie is nothing more than a crazy *itch with $$ – I think people lost sight of that with all her do-goodiness. That’s nothing but this rich chicks “hobby” to “cover up” the truly major dysfunctions she does have!

  36. denise said

    poor laura dern? the horse just stolen a married man who knocked her up. lol…

    those who speak ill of angie are jealous much. you just wished you’re her.

  37. Brutis said

    I love Jennifer Aniston im hoping God will give her a better man that will love and respect her for the rest of her life….

  38. I think Jennifer Aniston is one of the sexiest women on the planet…my dream If she was a cake, I’d eat her up!

  39. chuck courtois said

    if u want to look at the most stunning female alive u dont have to look any farther than the charming,breathtaking JENNIFER!!!! nuf said

  40. Robert St.Clair said

    There is actually no comparison between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. Jennifer is the most hottest and beautiful woman in modern times. I could look at her all day and watch her sleep at night. And from what I hear, she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She is also a very talented actress taking on many different characters and comes out shining with that gorgeous smile of hers.

    Angelina Jolie is also a very talented actress.

  41. yana said

    jolie may be donating money to the poor and adopting kids but she is still a whore for allowing herself to be a mistress thus ruining the marriage of jen and brad.
    jen is a better person. beautiful inside and out.
    jolie can go to hell.

  42. Leeanne said

    I don’t like Jolie. I don’t like Aniston either. Both of them are people like everybody else.

  43. Leeanne said

    Aniston looks like a snot nose. Jolie, not so. She’s just a flake. I never liked either one of them. I just think that they had the luck of the draw. Brad Pitt, well he’s losing his looks. I don’t think he cares. He must be tired directing all his NANNIES to take care of ALL HIS CHILDREN.

  44. just a dream said

    I agree with the above. I am correct in saying that both women are a bit odd and they also made a bad choice for a life partner. Anyone can adopt kids, but why didn’t Jolie and Pitt get married. Jennifer had no children and got married. It makes no sense.

  45. tonii said

    Angelina is ugly?no wonder she was already declared “timeless beauty” last year. LOL.

    i am not saying i believe her when she said she wasn’t the cause of the divorce, but for her to say she isn’t, then i believe it means no one knows the real story.the people don’t have proof she is the home-wrecker and she hasn’t shown proof that she isn’t.

    i prefer angelina because…i like her beauty,her personality and i dare say she is way more talented than jen.she’s got the academy,golden & screen actor’s awards.also,jen’s look is stuck in the “rachel” forever.both in movies and real life.the only time i saw her change her hair was in horrible bosses but that’s it.

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