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David A versus David C

Posted by MAaP on May 10, 2008

Let us go to the American Idol fever! It’s season 7, and we’re onto the top 3 now, as Jason Castro was understandably booted out last week. — And I’m droning like one of the Hollywood reporters…

Let’s cut to the chase. I don’t mean to disregard Syesha Mercado, but the main highlight of today’s comparison post will be between the two Davids of American Idol. Looking over comments on the Web, it seems that these two are the heavy favorites. Syesha has a powerful voice and has given great performances but she doesn’t have the charm that the two Davids do.

David Cook and David Archuleta

Young and Charming: David Archuleta

David ArchuletaThe youngest aspirant on the competition, David Archuleta has captured everyone’s attention when he took up that microphone and continued to give outstanding performances on the show. He has never been in the bottom three. With his voice and charm, everyone was sure that he would be one of the top finalists in the competition.

One of the early favorites, and still one of the strongest players in American Idol, David A is no stranger to singing and competing. He was the winner of the Juniors Singers on Star Search when he was twelve, and before that also joined other singing competitions.

David A has a big chance at the American Idol, and that’s due to his fans, who are mostly female and teenage squealing girls. David A has the looks and the voice and these has obviously appealed to the female teenagers. This is not a weak point in David A’s rise in the competition. Rather it is a very big help, and may even be his winning ticket, to winning the title. Nobody can deny the power of the female teens when it comes to voting in celebrity shows like American Idol.

David A is not that cute for the more mature viewers, though. I’ve read comments in social sites citing that while he is excused for being too smiley and too chummy, it can be irritating at times. He also has this surprised look everytime he is being praised by the judges and people are wondering if it is still genuine considering his experience in singing competitions and the numerous times he has been praised throughout the season.

Rocker Charm: David Cook

David CookDavid Cook is another season 7 finalist who has never been on the bottom three. Age difference aside, he’s also got the same plus points that David A has: the voice, the looks, and the charm. But while David A is into soul music, David C would prefer his guitar and rock ‘n roll. This taste in music is what has appealed to David C’s fans, along with his flexible voice and great performances.

David C also has a professional background in music. He was the lead singer and guitarist of a band named Axium, which has disbanded last 2006. He still pursued a career in music after the breakup, and eventually released his independent album, Analog Heart.Analog Heart

On American Idol, David C gave strong performances and is known to take risks in the musical arrangements in the songs he sang. He has received praises and has also been criticized at times. But strong performances like his “Billie Jean,” “Always Be My Baby,” and “Music of the Night” has made him one of the favorites for the American Idol title.

The competition is nearing the end. If the two Davids are really going to be the top 2 finalists — a big if there because Syesha still might blow us away — which of them are you betting on winning?

The two Davids of American Idol season 7


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