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Jet Li vs Jackie Chan

Posted by MAaP on April 8, 2008

I hope my four-month hiatus hasn’t made my vocabulary dull. It certainly hasn’t stopped my habit of comparing people and stuff. Why else would I be back here on my blog?

In light of an upcoming film that I’m very excited to watch, I decided to make a comparison between two of my favorite celebrity martial artists: Jet Li and Jackie Chan… J and J indeed! Talk about starting the year’s post with action.

Jackie Chan vs Jet Li

Jet LiFearless Hero: Jet Li

Jet Li is renowned for being a Wushu champion athlete and a hit action movie star in both China and Hollywood. He has been a practitioner of the Wushu martial arts since childhood, only retiring from making movies with it in the movie Fearless. He rose to fame in China with Shaolin Temple and Once Upon A Time In China series, and has a star in the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars. He proceeded to be an international film star with Hollywood films like Lethal Weapon 4, Romeo Must Die, and War.

One can see that Jet Li is a humble and principled international artist. He is a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, and he contributes to the Red Cross Society of China. He also formed the One Foundation after his near-death experience in Maldives during the 2004 tsunami.

Jackie Chan
Who Am I? Jackie Chan

Even at more than 50, Jackie Chan is still restless and active in the entertainment industry, both in the international scene and in China. He seems to be all around the industry — actor, action choreographer, film director, producer, screenwriter, stunt performer, and even a singer.

Jackie Chan is known for his acrobatic style of martial arts and comedic scenes. He has a creative and innovative mind in building action choreography in the films. He has a star in both the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This guy also holds the record for “Most Stunts By a Living Actor.” He really deserves this considering the number of bones he has broken in his body. He even has a hole in his skull after a failed stunt attempt in Armour of God.

Jackie Chan is moving everywhere he can. He participates in public service commercials and announcements, contributes and campaigns for global causes, and is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. He has also gone into business, opening up Jackie’s Kitchen restaurants in places around the world.

Jackie Chan and Jet Li in Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom teaser poster

My Verdict: I love them both! It is apparent that both should and are honored because of their achievements and contributions. But to have to pick one, I must say that if I have a Jet Li film and a Jackie Chan film in front of me, no doubt I would opt to watch Jackie Chan’s first. I have nothing against Jet Li or his movies. Jackie Chan just has humor added in his movies, and I am a fan of the action-comedy genre. I also like Jackie Chan’s action scenes better because of the craftiness and creative usage of the fight scene environment.

As a bonus, here’s the trailer for their upcoming movie The Forbidden Kingdom that I’ll be sure to watch! Man, that Michael Angarano (Sky High) is one lucky guy to be able to work with both of them in one film.

Note to the all readers: If you guys would like to leave comments on my post, I would appreciate it if you would put them in English. I’ve received a couple of comments that are of a different language these past months. Please note that while I encourage your opinions, I still wish for courtesy and respect on my blog. I want it to be clean of spammy comments and indecent language. In order to know which comments to approve or not, I need to understand them first. Though I have always yearned to be a master of all languages, English is unfortunately the only language I can fully understand (aside from my native tongue, of course) Thanks ya lots!


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