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Sean Kingston vs JoJo

Posted by MAaP on October 8, 2007

The song Beautiful Girls has been a favorite among thousands of people when it aired on the waves. But whose version would you prefer? Sean Kingston’s version as the guy who’s bound to be suicidal, or JoJo’s reply as the fly girl who can get another guy on the morrow?

You be the judge!

Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls: Gotta go to Youtube.com!

JoJo’s reply:

* JoJo didn’t release a music video for her version. This video is a fanmade video from Youtube.com.


Sean KingstonJoJoWhat do YOU think?

Who’s it gonna be?


8 Responses to “Sean Kingston vs JoJo”

  1. name said

    the orignal is a 10000 better… jojo tryin to cred for somethin thaz not hers… moreover the lyrics of kingston are much much better

  2. porsi said

    But, you know, I think I read somewhere that Jojo recorded her song first but was unable to release the song because Sean Kingston wanted his song on his cover… I’m not sure if it’s true though.

  3. lol said

    i don’t think it’s true that jojo’s version was the first one…and the song of Jr Sean Kingston is really the better one…!!!
    but everyone has his own opinion

  4. Mike said

    JoJo does it WAY better, Sean Kingston is a disgrace to Jamaican music everywhere.

  5. edgar said

    Jojo is the best

  6. Tonny said

    JoJos version of Beautiful Girls is the original AND the best of ’em. But JoJo wasn’t quick enough to get it published in her name, and then Sean Kingston took it and said it was his. That was later showen as a lie!

  7. shiftee said

    I would really love to know which one of them really got the song first. If someone could direct me to a news page or something with facts on this, I would really appreciate it. 😀 Thanks! 😀

  8. whatever said

    Sean Kingston is the coolest because i am in love with his song me love although Jojo is also the coolest so its hard to decide but the version of Sean Kingston is better sorry Jojo but Sean rules

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